Membership & Baptism

Why Join?

Just as the very first Christians were members of a local gathering of God’s people called the church, so anyone who unites to Christ also unites to His people. Christians submit themselves to a local church and its elders as an expression of belonging to the body of Christ, and in this process, they live out God’s commands for how to live with fellow believers. (Matt.18:17, Acts 2:41,47, 1 Cor. 12, Eph 2:19)

Castleton 101

Joining a church should not be done in haste, but rather, with prayerful care and thoughtful consideration. If you’re interested in what it means to be a member of Castleton Community Church, we invite you to come to Castleton 101. At this class, you’ll learn what we believe together as a church and what it means to commit to this particular body of believers. Completion of Castleton 101 is required for membership at Castleton Community Church.

Membership Application and Baptism

If you’ve attended Castleton 101 and desire to move forward in the membership process, we invite you to fill out our Membership Application. Once this application is completed, we will reach out to you and schedule an interview. If you have not been baptized after salvation and desire to be baptized, we will contact you with further details on that, as well. Baptism after conversion is required for membership at Castleton Community Church.

Elder Interview & Recommendation

Every applicant who desires to become of member of Castleton Community Church is required to interview with an elder or staff member to affirm your testimony of faith in Christ. We hope that this interview is an encouragement to you as you recall God’s saving grace in your life and meet one of the pastors who will commit to shepherding you. After completing the interview, the Elders will vote to recommend your membership the congregation at an upcoming Congregational Meeting.  

Congregational Affirmation

During our congregational meetings, each pastor who conducted an interview briefly describes how the applicants have come to know the Lord. Then we will take questions from the members and conclude with a majority vote to admit the candidates into membership.