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Next Door Mission

Next Door Mission

Our Church Planting Model

College Park Church has launched the Next Door Mission as a strategy of mobilizing our people to reach their next-door neighbors and reach Indianapolis and the world with the gospel. This strategy includes starting new congregations, church adoption & revitalization, and assisting other churches. Castleton Community Church is the second congregation planted in the Next Door Mission. We were birthed out of College Park’s adoption of The Chapel (formerly Walnut Grove), and subsequent replanting in the same facility.

Pathway to Self-Governance

The model of church planting we use in the Next Door Mission takes congregations on a path toward self governance by way of a multi-site model. Congregations benefit from the resources and shepherding of College Park as they mature into everything needed for being a healthy local church. This maturation process is broken down into three phases: Self-Supporting, Self-Shepherding, and Self-Governing.


The goal of being Self Supporting means that all the resources necessary for the ministries of Castleton Community Church will increasingly come from this body of believers. This includes both the monetary and human resources needed to faithfully minister in the place Jesus has put us. During this period of maturation, we are under the oversight of the Elders of College Park as a whole as we progress toward being a self supporting church.


The goal of being Self Shepherding means that our local congregation will grow into all of the leadership and care responsibilities needed for a healthy church. This includes raising up of a officers of the church in Elders and Deacons, in addition to other shepherding roles of Small Group Leaders and Counselors. A shepherding strategy is implemented during this phase to provide adequate care for the congregation’s needs. During this phase we are under the leadership of the Elders at College Park as a whole.


The goal of being Self Governing means that our local congregation will formally be launched out as a separate legal entity, and with full discretion to execute our ministry as we feel led by the Lord.  The process of becoming self governing will include a congregational vote, both from College Park to launch us out, and from Castleton Community Church to be sent out as a part of the College Park family of churches. It is our hope that the self governing congregation will continue the work of church planting by being an active partner in the Next Door Mission. The Elders at College Park provide oversight during our lead up to self governance, seeking to make sure we are ready to stand on our own as a congregation.